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terbaikk barang cantik

Good Product

Worth to buy this projector.


The picture is very good in dark environment, the sound is outstanding.. Its just chrome browser cannot be updated.. Some application not run smoothly like tik tok..

Pretty Good!!!

The picture is so good and the sound is very nice. Really super b and I'm very satisfied with this.

Great product made by local manufacturer.. Picture quality excellent. Great for indoor & outdoor use.

Glad i bought this than Lumos...

Serius, quality good.. Android 9... Picture quality was good.. 100inch no prob.. I bring to Kampung on last Holiday, really superb... Sales service also good... I appreciate for their prompt action..

Easy set up, good quality for the price

The projector is so cute that I love it so much! It is so easy to set up and easy carry, and the image quality is so much better than my expectation. Satisfied with my purchase!

Very happy with this projector

Imej mmg jelas, blh cast from my fon to the projector effortlessly. Lagi ada bagi free bag mmg best la

Jawdropping quality...BOOM!

Kudos to to CONNECTE team. When I first saw the launching of CONNECTE X 1080P PROJECTOR, it immediately caught my eye and I directly made my purchase. It is just as described in the product description and it has such amazing resolution and brightness. Even though it's written as "Native 1080P" but I feel like it's already performing just like a 4K projector. Well done CONNECTE!!!

Absolutely AMAZING

I'm so happy that I get this projector with clear, sharp and bright picture with cinematic sound at a reasonable price! The visuals when projected on the 150" screen is still very sharp and clear, no blurred at all, and you can feel like you're in the cinema as it is so immersive! No regret of my purchase at all!

Great picture and 5 star service

High quality images, even when project 120" the image is still sharp. The projector supports side projection which is perfect for me and the sound quality is also quite good. Maybe not perfect enough for others but I'm already very satisfied with the sound. Definitely will recommend it to others.


Sound not so good, connect to bluetooth speaker and the voice delay 2 3 seconds, (I’m using Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker and I put the speaker next to projector ) cannot save Wi-Fi password, so every time have to key in password to connect the Wi-Fi , also the WiFi connection always disconnect , like every 15mins or 30 mins … I’m using MESH … the device not far from the projector..

Quality better than expected

Originally don't have much expectation, but I'm very happy with my purchase! The use is very smooth, the picture quality is very high, very clear, and not blurred at all.

5 star product

Amazing visuals that is out of my expectation at this price range! I use it for watching movies in the dark and do workout under light environment and there's no problem with the image at all as I still can see the screen very clearly!

Value for money - No regrets

My kids has been using the CONNECTE PRO 1080P PROJECTOR and they are happy with it. No issue so far. Very good projection display even in bright environment.

Vibrant picture

Just buy it everyone. Definitely will worth every penny of yours. I bought this after looking for a portable home theater projector for couple months, and I am not regret of my decision. It has everything you need for entertainment (youtube,netflix,prime video, etc.) I also use it to play Nintendo Switch, which is soooooo goood. Love the brilliant visuals and the strong speaker quality!

Fantastic picture!

Tested and everything works fine. The picture is so immersive especially when you project it in a very large screen. I project it in 100" screen and it's definitely enough for my room to turn into a cinema!

Easy to use

I love the fact that it is so compact and cute, yet it still delivers such high quality performance! Now I can easily enjoy big screen movies at home, just like in the cinema!

So impressive!!

This Native Full HD Projector has far exceeded my expectations. I bought this to watch livetv and movies. The picture and sound is really clear and perfect for movie night and also everyday watching. It has all the features necessary such as Bluetooth,Wifi,Keytone correction, etc .The build quality seems solid, and I am very impressed with the internal speakers. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this product for anyone looking for a budget FHD Projector.

The absolute best for my money!

I used it today for CNY chor yat. My family and my relatives were wowed by the quality of this projector. They said the movie looks so realistic

Very clear and bright

The whole projector was set up in within 5 minutes, very easy and tech-friendly. The brightness surprised me the most, as I had all the lights maxed out, and I still get an amazing picture. Very happy with my purchase.

Sangat recommended

barang cantik dan quality seperti yang diharapkan.

Feeling just like at the cinema!

Just brought this projector after debating if I wanted a TV or projector for my home theater in my new house. I was a little worried at first that the projector wouldn't be bright enough but I am glad to report that everything looks amazing! I currently have it projected on a 100" screen and you feel just like you are at the movies!

Use it with tv box

I used it with TV box, the connection is great and the picture quality is pretty good. The brightness is pretty bright it is not dim at all nor is it noisy. It has a built in speaker and can get pretty loud but of course external speakers are best.

Surprised and pleased!

Not only I'm surprised by the quality of the projector, which performs so good both in the dark and the light, I'm also very pleased by the service, they are very responsive to the chat and helped me a lot. Love Connecte!