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Quality & affordable compared to big brands

Perfect for classroom. My classroom has bright surroundings and has no door or curtains, yet Connecte X True Colour still manage to do its job and delivers bright and sharp image in harsh conditions. Recommend to anyone who wants to use projector in classroom. Their customer service is good and explained very detail too.

Kudos to great customer service

I was having issues with the projector as it was too bright, unable to see the screen, but the customer service did a great job on assisting me to adjust my projector's position and taught me step by step on how to set up the projector correctly through video call. Now I can watch movies on the projector peacefully even with lights on. Thank you Connecte.

Anak mmg suka

Memang disukai oleh anak2... X buka lampu pun dah blh nampak sgt jelas... sesuai utk anak2 sbb x akan sakit mata...

Customer service 100%

Puas hati sgt semasa beli brg ada customer service yg bagus utk menerangkan semua detail, semasa nk pasang kat kedai, manager lagi buat video call utk ajar setup. Paling baik la service mcm ni.

Buy projector reduces cleaning chores

I have a 2 years old kid, and I'm looking for a projector to replace TV so that it won't harm eyes, and I'm glad to have found Connecte, as the projector can project clear and bright image even with lights on in the living room. Also I don't need to wipe dust of the TV rack anymore! Haha!


Good product quality, image quality is very clear and sharp, and easy to setup

Insanely PERFECT!!!

I was doing a research on finding the perfect projector to replace TV, then I found Connecte. This Pro Real is definitely a gem as you get more than what you paid. At only RM1299 you can get a 4K similar home cinema + TV that you can watch in daytime. Outstanding images, built-in speaker, Netflix Youtube and even screen mirroring function... Everything just like a Smart TV but 2 times cheaper than a 4K quality smart TV! Definitely will recommend to everyone!

High quality

Lucky to receive a product that has high quality sound as claimed, very affordable and also hard to find polite, friendly and professional customer service these days, which you can find at Connecte. Hence very satisfied.

Even free gift quality is good

When you receive free gift, you don't expect it to be good quality, but when I tested the HDMI cable, mine's quality is worse than theirs haha... Prompt service and great product

Mmg berbaloi

Berbaloi beli dgn seller ni.. Dlm keadaan cerah pun nampak terang & jelas.. Terbaik la.. harapnya dapat bertahan lama sebab nk guna dlm class..


Very user-friendly. Sometimes I use it to watch Netflix Youtube, sometimes I connect to my phone to watch tiktok on big screen. You should try it too!

Pawagam di rumah

rasa mcm tgok wyg kt rumah je, sy puas hti hrp dpt bthan lma, tq slle

Decent yet affordable

If you're looking for a decent projector yet still affordable, buy this. You'll regret for not buying it!

Sesuai utk office sales presentation

Pembelian yg paling puas hati! Sy beli yg Pro Air version sbb x guna utk wayang, nk guna utk sales presentation je, customer service ajar guna air version dan sambung fon je mmg cepat! perlu wifi yg stabil je. Thank you Adam customer service!

Satisfaction 200%

Finally can enjoy my room cinema with a big screen! Thank you Connecte!

Helpful customer service

Never thought that this projector is the best affordable lcd projector.. Helpful and responsive customer service too!

Good service and product

Alhamdulillah arrived in good condition without any damage. Very well functioning and easy to setup. They will teach you step by step to setup by video call if you need help.

Clear and bright

When playing the video in morning it's still clear and bright.

Definitely an upgrade from lumos

I upgraded from lumos ray to Connecte X True Colour, and I'm glad that I've made the right choice. Not even they have better quality projectors, their service is also 200% better than lumos.

So so satisfied

Usually you get what you pay. But this time I've gotten more than what I paid. Claim 1080p projector but it works like a 4K projector!

Beautiful picture

I don't use any projector screen, my wall is light yellow colour, but the image still remains beautifully and astonishing

Mudah guna dan gambar cantik

Blh tgk netflix dgn mudah je, mungkin remote controlnya ada sikit x user-friendly but ok la, yg paling penting projektor mesti berkualiti baik kan


The quality is ok.. I thought will be like epson benq quality but this one more cheaper so ok la...

Produk tiptop.

Worth the money. Dah lama survey nak beli then bila jumpa yang ni terus tak fikir panjang and terus beli. Brand ni best sbb ada bagi free gift & customer service reply sgt cepat dan detail. Terima kasih connecte

Responsible brand.

I had an issue with the projector's software, they immediately helped me to solve my issue, and even video called with me to teach me how to reinstall the program as I'm not good with computers. Will definitely recommend Connecte to others.